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Front 1Litre Rear 1Litre

Super singles 1.5-2litres

Quantities suggested can cover sidewall intrusions and bead leaks. The GOO has the ability to seal large intrusions to slow leaks.

SLOW LEAKS – insert GOO pump up tyre to its maximum capacity and use the vehicle (the longer you can use the vehicle the more permanent the puncture can become.

LARGE INTRUSIONS – You can leave the intrusion in the tyre until it is convenient to patch or plug, the GOO will form a fibrous patch around the object slowing down the amount of air escaping from the tyre. We recommend to plug or patch punctures larger than 6mm. Use common sense when determining the performance of True Blue GOO, although it has sealed intrusions as large as 20mm in a good conditioned tyre we strongly recommend to have your tyres repaired by a professional