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The Begining



True Blue was created over 30 years ago, at Gunnedah in Central Northern NSW. It was by necessity that this multi purpose tyre sealant was developed. Due to the sale of imported products being suspended due to litigation, there was a demand for puncture repairs in the local area.


With BMX and push bike riding booming in the local district, the need for an easy and practical solution became imperative. True BLue was originally designed to cope with large burrs, commonly known as catheads or cat eyes, which were the cause of the majority of push bike punctures.


The GOO was designed to be a preventative measure rather than a cure, maintaining all the positive features of the pneumatic tyre. Being active in the tyre when a puncture occurs, the damaged area would be treated in the shortest time possible, saving the tyre from completely deflating and inconveniencing the user. It was not designed to stop punctures from occurring but to provide a safe solution until the puncture is repaired.


Today True Blue GOO continues to be an important part in the bicycle industry and has done so through word of mouth and reputation alone.


It was realized that the product was capable of sealing larger intrusions like nails and stakes from noxious bushes i.e. berry bushes, and was quickly adopted by agricultural and mining industries. Testing was and still is carried out for a wide variety of applications.



 It has been proven to be successful in a variety of off road vehicles such as quad runners, dirt bikes, 4 wheeled drives and has since become successful in industrial machinery such as bobcats and forklifts. The ride-on mower industry, being one of our largest industries to date, with numerous councils using our product and has since expanded throughout N.S.W as a general domestic product.


True Blue is non-toxic, and does not contain Ammonia or Glycol ( an oil based chemical) commonly used in the majority of other products limiting future repairs. Ethyl Glycol is readily absorbed through the skin and can have harmful side affects. If consumed only 15gm.kilo of body weight will kill leaving children and pets at high risk while Ammonia breaks down the rubber causing Ply seperation.


Being a family owned and run business we continue to strive to make the best quality product for the Australian the market.


True Blue GOO is Australia's only designed product, making it the only product designed for Australia's harsh climate.