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 Setting the standard in the Tyre Sealant Market for over 30 years, True Blue Puncture GOO has proven to be successful in a  large variety of vehicles both On road and Off. True Blue GOO is environmentally friendly  & bio degradable, it is the only Tyre Sealant that can be truely used as a preventative, without having detrimental effects to the Tyres & Tubes. 


 Widely used in rural Australia and New Zealand as a universal puncture repair kit to save money and down time for such vehicles as Quad runners, Ag bikes, Tractors, 4 wheeled drives and  Ride-on mowers, it has since expanded to On Road Vehicles to increase driver convenience, safety and vehicle performance.



  True Blue GOO is designed and manufactured in Australia, making it free from Glycol & Ammonia based chemicals which are proven to shorten the life of the tyre. Dont let flat tyres slow you down! True Blue Puncture GOO  is designed for "Down Under" conditions and has been keeping Australians on the move since 1978.